Testosterone Supplements for Women

Testosterone is the most popular male hormone known for their importance in developing reproductive traits. However, women also produce this hormone but only in lesser amounts. The testosterone levels in women further decline as they age, together with other hormones estrogen and progesterone. Women with below normal levels of testosterone exhibit reduced sex drive, low energy, and decreased muscle growth.

Studies have shown that women who take testosterone supplements have increased sex drive. Furthermore, they also had enhanced memory, higher energy, and improved confidence and self-worth. Thus, testosterone supplements are not just helpful to men but also to women (home).

When a woman experiences low libido, it is best to consult with a doctor to explore on getting testosterone booster. She will be advised to undergo physical examination and laboratory tests to check hormone levels. When the doctor declares low level of testosterone, he could give testosterone supplements through injection, pill, tablet, gel, cream or patch.

Along with testosterone boost, women also need estrogen and progesterone supplementation. According to a book titled The Hormone of Desire, the female sex drive is not only dependent on testosterone levels but also on estrogen and progesterone.

Testosterone Supplements for Women

Testosterone supplements have possible side effects on men so it is also expected that women who take testosterone boosters would exhibit negative reaction. The side effects in women include production of pimples, increased facial hair, lowering of voice, and enlargement of clitoris. Women who have plans to conceive are discouraged to take testosterone supplements because their babies could develop male characteristic regardless of actual gender.

The best way to make sure that women have enough testosterone through supplement is to have regular visits to healthcare specialist. They will know best which supplements to take and what kind of lifestyle would promote better well-being for women.

Testosterone Test Procedure before Taking Testosterone Supplements

Healthcare specialists recommend testosterone level test to determine the amount of testosterone synthesized by the body before prescribing testosterone supplements.

Preparations before the test should be taken to make sure that there will be accurate results. Initially, the patient should discuss with his doctor the current medications he is taking. Drugs that may affect the results include steroids, hormones, anticonvulsants, fertility medicines, and sedatives.

Tests are usually done in the morning, when the hormone levels are at their peak. A repeat test may be conducted in the afternoon to check if there is an alarming drop of testosterone levels.

Testosteron levels are detected through the blood. Thus, the healthcare provider will take a blood sample from a vein usually on the hand. This may be agonizing to some who have low tolerance to pain. The blood sample will be taken to the hospital laboratory for testing.

The test may have side effects. These include too much bleeding, fainting, infection, lightheadedness, and infection. These are all minor and may easily go away with proper rest and medication.

The analysis usually takes less than an hour with availability of proper medical equipment in the laboratory. The doctor will interpret the results and state if the testosterone levels are within the normal range. When the results show low testosterone levels, he will then recommend testosterone supplements.

Testosterone supplements do not treat the cause of hypogonadism. There are no available cures for such at present. The supplements will help the body have enough testosterone for the reproductive processes to take place normally.

The doctor may ask for another test after a few months of taking testosterone supplements. This is to make sure that the dosage of the supplement is still in line with the needs of the patient.

Viagra and Testosterone Supplements

Erectile dysfunction, low libido, and decreased endurance during sexual intercourse are common problems of older men. With these conditions, they result to taking a famous drug called Viagra. Viagra or the PDS-5 inhibitor sildenafil, is designed to improve erections by relaxing the smooth muscles in the penis and improving the flow of blood in the area.  It is a breakthrough in the field of male masculinity but some men claim that it is not enough. This is because Viagra only addresses erectile dysfunction. The low libido remains, which must be also addressed.

To get rid of decreased sex drive, men are encouraged to take testosterone supplements. They need to visit a healthcare specialist first to determine the cause of low libido. A blood test will be done to know if the testosterone level is within normal range. When the healthcare provider finds out that the patient has low testosterone levels, he would be advised to take supplements.

Patients who took testosterone supplements have testified about getting renewed sexual drive. It is advised that aside from the supplements, proper diet and exercise should be done to prevent impotence. Smoking men are also encouraged to quit having cigarettes because it may interfere with the medication.

Taking testosterone supplements and Viagra could be a good combination to improve sexual functions. However, the patient should discuss possible effects of taking both medications. Other health conditions, especially in older men, should also be discussed with the doctor to make sure that every goes well during testosterone replacement therapy.

Along with these medications, the communication of sexual partners should also be established to ensure lasting relationship. Each one should discuss his or her expectations and limitations. When these points are clearly established, sex drive will not just be renewed but also sustained through the years.

What is Testosterone and Why Supplements are Important?

Why Supplements are Important

Testosterone is one of the popular hormones produced by humans. It is widely known as the “male sex hormone” though women also produce testosterone in reduced amounts. Testosterone is produced mainly in the testicles, and some in the adrenal glands. It is responsible for the development of men’s sexual and reproductive traits. Prior to birth, the fetus produces testosterone for the development of male reproductive organs. During adolescence, men develop their secondary reproductive traits with the help of testosterone. This hormone helps them grow larger penis and testis, have bigger and deeper voice, and grow more body hairs for protection of delicate body parts.

Testosterone supplements were developed for different purposes. Most men take the supplements as anabolic steroids, helping them reduce fats, grow skeletal muscles much faster, together with body building activities.

Other men take the supplement because of low testosterone levels. This condition is called hypogonadism, manifested by several symptoms such as decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, low sperm count, enlarged breasts, hot flashes, depression, weaker bones, and softer testicles. Decrease in testosterone levels is natural as men grow older but tests are done if these symptoms become evident at young age. Once the medical specialist confirms low testosterone level of a patient, he is recommended to take testosterone supplements.   

Some men and women take testosterone supplements to improve their libido. It is believed that testosterone is responsible for fantasy, desire, sexual arousal, as well as endurance during the sexual act.

Apart from the sexual and reproductive advantages of testosterone supplements, they also promote healthier heart and bones. Testosterone supplements boost red blood cells production, which is good for anaemic individuals. It also prevents osteoporosis in women.

Testosterone supplements are beneficial but individuals who plan to take it must consult with healthcare specialists to make sure that they are not putting their bodies at risk with possible side effects.